As the state’s most comprehensive research university, we are committed to making discoveries that address the grand challenges of our time. We have one of the nation’s strongest track records of bringing new technologies to the marketplace, we develop top talent for the workforce, and we partner with industries to find better solutions.


Industry Engagement

Collaborate with UGA’s top researchers to solve problems.

We know your business faces new problems every day, and we want to partner with you to create the right solution that will help your business thrive.

Hundreds of technologies from UGA’s diverse research enterprise are available from Innovation Gateway.

Innovation Gateway helps launch successful startup companies by moving them through a logical process of idea exploration, evaluation, development and scale-up that supports sustainable growth.

Research Resources

Great Commitments

Advancing human health; safety and security; and economic vitality. It’s what we do.

University of Georgia researchers are determined to find solutions for deadly diseases; to discover the key to longer, healthier lives; and to improve public health for all.

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The University of Georgia recognizes the importance of a safer world and more sustainable future. By securing our food supply, maintaining viable land and waterways, and safeguarding our cyber and global security, we’re ensuring a better tomorrow.

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At the University of Georgia, we’re enriching and improving lives with our dedication to creating effective leaders, boosting community vitality and building stronger families.

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Research Connection

The mission of the Office of Research Industry Engagement team is to encourage and support collaborations with industry partners by streamlining the process of moving ideas from the lab or field to the marketplace.

Crystal Leach

Crystal Leach

Office of Research


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annual impact from jobs created


companies launched based on UGA research

$10.6 million

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